battery recycle bin with old element on
Regeneration of lithium-ion battery materials

We regenerate cathodes, anodes, electrolytes, solvents, and other lithium-ion battery materials with a novel and clean process. This novel process is capable of regenerating cathode and anode materials without completely breaking down the chemical compounds.

Battery forklift Used as a power source
Second-life battery use

We perform diagnostics of second-life batteries. Our fast battery diagnostics, assisted by machine learning and high-sensitivity optical fiber sensors, are capable of distinguishing and selecting workable batteries from large batches of used batteries. 

Closeup view of contact welding machine
Service and technology licensing

We provide services of battery recycling and second-life battery uses including smart sorting, fast and safe discharging, and maintenance. We are also actively involved in the development of US and international lithium-ion battery recycling regulations.